Misconceptions No More!

We realized that there are some things we’d like to clear out for you about our meals, calories-counting etc. Let’s delve in!

Author: Ciara Nolan (RNutr)

Ciara is our in-house nutritionist at FITT Meals & has a MSc Human Nutrition.

Common Misconceptions:

Misconception #1

Why is the protein content of my meal so high when the portion of my meat does not look to be a huge portion?
This is a common mistake made by people. People tend to forget that meat loses a lot of weight during the cooking process.
Therefore 100g of Raw meat will have Xg of protein, however, after it is cooked, this meat will weigh a lower amount (for example Xg), but it still has the same amount of protein.
Additionally, protein is not only found in meat, it is also found in other food items which will of course increase the total amount of protein in your meal.

Misconception #2

I ordered the 750 calorie portion, why does my box weigh not weigh 750gs?
Calories do not equate to equal grams of weight. For example, 1 gram of carbohydrates is equal to 4 calories, 1 g of protein is equal to 4 calories and 1g of Fat is equal to 9 calories. Each meal weighs differently depending on the ingredients used.

Misconception #3

My meal looks like it is a smaller portion than it should be.
All our meals are properly calculated on a professional nutritional software and analysed and checked by Ciara for accuracy. Sometimes some ingredients have a higher calorie content than others. Please remember, that meats within your meal can be marinated and these “hidden/unseen” calories add up in your total meal calories. 
Don’t forget that side sauces are also included within the whole meals calorie calculation.
Remember – food is cooked with Olive Oil – Olive Oil is a healthy fat which means that for every ml you use it is 9 calories (cooking methods of course come into play here, but it is something that is worth taking note of).
Ciara Nolan (RNutr)

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Ciara Nolan (RNutr)

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