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Do i have to sign up for a subscription?

No, you can trial Fittmeals.ae for 5 days. Most people test it out for a week. Once they taste our hassle free delicious food they keep coming back for more!


How Do I Order?

Simply log on to Fittmeals.ae, select your meal package, choose the plan, pick you food.


Where do Fittmeals deliver to?

Currently we deliver to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. Deliveries happen twice a week.
For 5 Days a Week plan you will receive your meals on Sunday morning (containing Sun and Mon meals) and Tuesday morning (containing Tue, Wed, Thurs meals).
For 6 Days a Week plan you will receive meals on Satuday (containing Sat, Sun and Mon meals) and Tuesday morning (containing Tue, Wed and Thurs meals).


What if i'm not in to take in my delivery?

Fittmeals.ae deliver between 4am and 6am. Your order arrives in a insulated cooler bag. You sleep and we'll take care of your meal prep!


what do i do with my cooler bag?

Just leave your bag out the night before your delivery and we'll swap your empty for a new restocked bag.


i'm going on vacation, can i pause my fittmeals.ae plan?

Just get in touch and we are happy to help you out. You can pause for up to 2 weeks, it must be a week block, and you can do so once a month. You must advise of pause at least 3 days before your next delivery date.


Can i choose different meals for each week?

Yes, our monthly option allows you to choose a different meal for each weekday. If you do not want to pick a meal for each day simply pick your options for the first week and the kitchen will duplicate your choices for each week.


What happens to my cooler bag once my meal plan ends?

You will pay 80AED deposit for your Cooler Bag, once your plan ends we will collect the bag and issue you with a refund which will go directly back onto the Card you paid with. This can take up to 2-3 working days and you must fill out the deposit return from which can be found here.

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