You can provide your children with high quality food for affordable prices. For every meal plan purchased, you’ll receive 2 complimentary snacks and a drink per day. Here’s a sample menu of what your child’s day could look like:

FITT Kids in a Day

Choose your kids’ nutritious meals from our menu. Here’s an example of what the daily meals could look like.


Beef Ragu Cheesy Pasta

A cheesy tomato pasta with lots of niacin for healthy skin and nervous system.


Turkey Burger

A turkey burger, vegetables and halloumi cheese packed with calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

Snack #1

Baked Blueberry Oats

Blueberry & Almond baked oats high in fibre for a healthy digestive system.

Snack #2 + Drink

Fruit/Veg Pot & Juice Box/Milk

Will depend on what’s on the menu.

All our meals contain food from all macronutrients to ensure that we are providing your child with all the important nutrients for proper growth and development. We incorporate fresh veggies (sometimes hidden) to provide lots of vitamins and minerals for growing bodies and minds.

View our menu here.

Our Pricing

FITT Kids Weekly Plan Pricing

1 main meal:

210 AED

2 main meals:

360 AED

1 main meal:

252 AED

2 main meals:

432 AED

FITT Kids Monthly Plan Pricing

1 main meal:

700 AED

2 main meals:

1,200 AED

1 main meal:

840 AED

2 main meals:

1,440 AED

You Choose

You get to choose all of your fresh (never frozen) meals based on your meal type.

New Weekly Menu

We change our international menu weekly. You will never get bored of eating healthy.


All of our meals are created and approved by our in-house nutritionist & chefs.


All of our packaging is FSC-certified & sustainable as we care about Mother Earth.

Free Delivery

We deliver across the UAE right to your doorstep, 3 times a week to ensure optimum freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown

We provide the nutritional breakdown of the vitamins and minerals on the label.