Our Vegetarian meals are perfect for vegetarians as well as those who are veggie-lovers. Each meal contains 450-550 calories packed with a great selection of plant-based ingredients.

Best for:

A great option for vegetarians or those looking to follow a more plant based diet. 
*Please note that our vegetarian meals are meatless but contain animal products such as dairy and eggs.

FITT Meals in a Day

You get to choose your own Vegetarian meals. Here’s an example of what your daily meals could look like.


Veggie Omelette - 410 cals


Black Bean Burger - 465 cals


Hoisin Tofu Noodles - 465 cals

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Our Pricing

Vegetarian Weekly Plan Pricing

1 main meal:

299 AED

1 main meal + breakfast:

399 AED

2 main meals:

475 AED

2 main meals + breakfast:

575 AED

1 main meal:

349 AED

1 main meal + breakfast:

469 AED

2 main meals:

560 AED

2 main meals + breakfast:

680 AED

Vegetarian Monthly Plan Pricing

1 main meal:

1,099 AED

1 main meal + breakfast:

1,499 AED

2 main meals:

1,599 AED

2 main meals + breakfast:

1,999 AED

1 main meal:

1,299 AED

1 main meal + breakfast:

1,779 AED

2 main meals:

1,899 AED

2 main meals + breakfast:

2,379 AED

Nutrition Consultation

Want to know if Vegetarian is the right meal type for you?

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Ciara Nolan RNutr

Registered Nutritionist

You can avail our Nutrition Consultation with Ciara to learn more.

You Choose

You get to choose all of your fresh (never frozen) meals based on your meal type.

New Weekly Menu

We change our international menu weekly. You will never get bored of eating healthy.


All of our meals are created and approved by our in-house nutritionist & chefs.

Easy Calorie-Tracking

Scan the barcode found on the packaging on MyFitnessPal for easy tracking.


All of our packaging is FSC-certified & sustainable as we care about Mother Earth.

Free Delivery

We deliver across the UAE right to your doorstep, 3 times a week to ensure optimum freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown

We provide the nutritional breakdown of the calories, carbs, protein & fats on the label.

You Do You

Let us prep & deliver your meals so you have more time to enjoy doing things you love more.