Affiliates Program

Join FITT Meals and revolutionize healthy living! We're seeking passionate individuals and companies who share the same values. Be part of a supportive community, inspire others on the FITTer lifestyle. Let's make wellness the way of life - together.

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Do you have great reach on social media? Let's collaborate! As a FITT Meals influencer, you'll share your journey, tips, and promote our delicious and nutritious meals. Join our FITT fam, who not only believe in our mission but live it every day.

Fitness Trainers

Balance is key to health. Seeking personal trainers and fitness pros to partner with. Our tailored nutrition complements your clients' training, accelerating their goals. Join us in promoting the powerful combo of exercise and nutrition for transformation.



We're looking for teachers to spread the word about FITT Meals for exclusive benefits such as discounts, merchandise & commission. If you have a great network in the UAE & excellent communication skills, fill up the form & we will be in touch!



Does your company prioritize employee well-being? At FITT Meals, we've teamed up with numerous companies, transforming their cafeterias into hubs of wellness. Prioritize employee well-being, boost productivity and health. Arrange empowering nutritional talks.

What People Say

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Jason Grima

Really professional service; easy to operate the website and place orders. Fresh and creative food with easy-to-track macros and calories, just scan the barcode to use MyFitnessPal. Have recommended to all my clients! Keep it up !

Diary of Dubai Teacher

Laima Canns

I’ve been having the veggie FITT Meals and I am SUPER happy with them. The delivery is so convenient. They come so well packaged so they are still super cold and fresh when I open them up in the morning. The menus change weekly so no repetitive menus! I’m having the veggie plan and the range of options is great. They also have all nutritional info on each meal and you can scan it into my fitness pal which is so useful. Highly recommend!


Paul Sharry

As a coach I always explain how important the enjoyment of food is. I can say with full confidence Fittmeals is by far the best provider of meals in the UAE. The quality & variety of meals they offer is exceptional. They never miss a delivery time & they make sticking to a well balanced diet no matter how busy your schedule as easy as possible. I can say with absolute confidence I would 100% recommend to anyone living in the UAE who wants to take their health seriously.