The Truth About Detox Diets

It’s January, cue your social media being flooded with “detox starts now”, “ I need a detox” and even worse – companies trying to sell you a product or a diet to help you “detox”.

Author: Ciara Nolan (RNutr)

Ciara is our in-house nutritionist at FITT Meals & has a MSc Human Nutrition.

Reality check:

There is nothing that you can do, eat, drink or take that will detox your body. However, the good news is that your liver and kidneys detox your body for you – simple! Surprise, you don’t need to drink any rancid drink, eliminate any foods from your diet or spend any money on any products – isn’t the body great?

But why do I always see detox products/diets available then?

I hear this question over & over again.

The answer: The global detox market is worth a staggering 50 billion dollars!

Unfortunately, people fall for this marketing ploy over and over again every year in the hope of improving their health, making these companies richer and richer.

Our meals are the perfect balance of nutrition.

What’s the best approach to take for my health?

If you are looking to help your body get back on track after a few weeks of over indulging here are some tips that will actually help you while your liver and kidneys are detoxing your body.

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Drink more water
  • Get more sleep
  • Exercise more
Follow these simple steps & you will notice a major difference in how you feel in just a couple of weeks.

To summarise:

Let’s stop trying to over complicate things, eat more healthy, nutritious food and put an end to these ridiculous (and expensive) myths.

Remember: There is no magic tea, pill, drink, etc that will detox your body. Let your organs do their job.

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About the Author

Ciara Nolan (RNutr)

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