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FITT Meals Healthy Snacks

Our healthy snacks are perfect to enjoy while adding value to your weight loss journey. FITT Meals makes it easy and convenient to track your macros. Our snacks and meals relieve the stress of planning and cooking.

Why are snacks beneficial? 

Bridging the Gap: Snacking helps to bridge the gaps between meals, ensuring a consistent flow of energy throughout the day.

Sustaining Energy Levels: By snacking on healthy snacks, you can keep your energy levels up and prevent the energy drops that occur when the meals are too far apart.

Preventing Overeating: Snacking can help you avoid overeating at your next meal by minimizing excessive hunger. It keeps you full and makes you less likely to eat larger servings.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Healthy snacks that are well-balanced can help stabilize blood sugar levels, giving a continuous supply of energy and reducing spikes and crashes.

Counteracting Undereating: Snacking helps to counteract the negative consequences of undereating, which can impair the body, general health, and weight-loss efforts.

Chocolate Brownie Bites Plate Chocolate Brownie Bites Cal: 204 | F: 8 | C: 19 | P: 14 AED 50
Multiseed Bar Plate Multiseed Bar Cal: 201 | F: 13 | C: 15 | P: 6 AED 50
Peanut Butter Truffle Peanut Butter Truffle Cal: 211 | F: 15 | C: 13 | P: 6 AED 50
Salted Caramel Protein Bars 6 Salted Caramel Bar Cal: 216 | F: 8 | C: 18 | P: 18 AED 50
Espresso Energu Balls Plate (1) Espresso Energy Ball Cal: 202 | F: 10 | C: 15 | P: 13 AED 50
Snack mix Snack Mix Cal: 202 | F: 10 | C: 16 | P: 10 AED 50

Nutrition Consultation

Want to know what meal type is right for you?

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Ciara Nolan RNutr

Registered Nutritionist

You can avail our Nutrition Consultation with Ciara to learn more.

You Choose

You get to choose all of your fresh (never frozen) meals based on your meal type.

New Weekly Menu

We change our international menu weekly. You will never get bored of eating healthy.


All of our meals are created and approved by our in-house nutritionist & chefs.

Easy Calorie-Tracking

Scan the barcode found on the packaging on MyFitnessPal for easy tracking.


All of our packaging is FSC-certified & sustainable as we care about Mother Earth.

Free Delivery

We deliver across the UAE right to your doorstep, 3 times a week to ensure optimum freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown

We provide the nutritional breakdown of the calories, carbs, protein & fats on the label.

You Do You

Let us prep & deliver your meals so you have more time to enjoy doing things you love more.