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About FITT Meals

You Choose

You get to choose all of your fresh (never frozen) meals based on your meal type.

New Weekly Menu

We change our international menu weekly. You will never get bored of eating healthy.


All of our meals are created and approved by our in-house nutritionist & chefs.

Easy Calorie-Tracking

Scan the barcode found on the packaging on MyFitnessPal for easy tracking.


All of our packaging is FSC-certified & sustainable as we care about Mother Earth.

Free Delivery

We deliver across the UAE right to your doorstep, 3 times a week to ensure optimum freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown

We provide the nutritional breakdown of the calories, carbs, protein & fats on the label.

You Do You

Let us prep & deliver your meals so you have more time to enjoy doing things you love more.

Our Meal Plans

Low Cal

Low Cal meals are portion controlled, but maximized nutrition


Our most popular portion size to maintain a balanced diet

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain meals are large, heavy sized meals to fuel muscle gain


Our Vegetarian meals are the perfect for vegetarians & veggie-lovers


Nutritious, balanced meals for kids for proper growth & development

Scheduling Your Plan

Schedule your meal plan to start on Monday, Wednesday or Friday:

Meal Plan Start Order Before
Monday Saturday, 6 pm
Wednesday Monday, 12 pm
Friday Wednesday, 12 pm

To start on Monday: Order before Saturday, 6 pm

To start on Wednesday: Order before Monday, 12 pm

To start on Friday: Order before Wednesday, 12 pm

How To Order


Click on the “Order” tab to start ordering your plan.


Choose your meal plan & your meals based on your goals.


You do you while we deliver! Bon appetit & repEAT.

Low Cal

Our Low Cal meals are portion controlled, with reduced calories but maximised nutrition. Each main meal contains 450 calories with a variety of protein and carbohydrates sources, served with an array of fresh vegetables. 


Our Lean Meals are our most popular portion size. The Lean Meals consist of regular sized main meals to help you maintain a balanced diet. Each meal is packed with 600 calories of nutrition and flavour. This calorie-controlled meal plan is our most popular meal plan!

Muscle Gain

Our Muscle Gain Meals are large, heavy sized meals to fuel muscle gain. Each meal contains 750 calories packed with lean proteins and a dense portion of carbs and vegetables.


Our Vegetarian meals are perfect for vegetarians as well as those who are veggie-lovers. Each meal contains 450-550 calories packed with a great selection of plant-based ingredients.

Best for:

A great option for vegetarians or those looking to follow a more plant based diet. 
*Please note that our vegetarian meals are meatless but contain animal products such as dairy and eggs.


You can provide your children with high quality food for affordable prices. For every meal plan purchased, you’ll receive 2 complimentary snacks and a drink per day. 


Delivered to your door

Selected areas in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain & Al Ain

Delivered to your door1


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  4. Have to consume 1 week of the plan before pausing

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