FITT Meals x Cali Cali

FITT Meals is delighted to collaborate with Cali Cali Foods, a fellow Irish owned company who share the same values. 

Cali Cali is a healthy foods and lifestyle brand that prioritizes taste and quality. The inspiration began in the street food markets of LA while founders Tom and Niall hatched a plan to take the street food flavours of California and the latest West Coast healthy eating trends to Europe and beyond.

Inspired by the street food markets of California and the mission of “healthy eating, made easy”, Cali Cali offers a range of sauces, snacks, seasonings, and bars that are healthy, easy to use and always super tasty.

Know more about Cali Cali here.

Healthy, Delicious Meals:

It wouldn’t be a collaboration if we didn’t create meals with Cali Cali. Here are our new delicious, healthy additions to the menu that you’ll be seeing on our menu for the next few weeks.

Spice Bag

Sriracha Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Peri Peri Tofu

Chicken Tenders

Beef Chipotle Salad

View our menu here.

You Choose

You get to choose all of your fresh (never frozen) meals based on your meal type.

New Weekly Menu

We change our international menu weekly. You will never get bored of eating healthy.


All of our meals are created and approved by our in-house nutritionist & chefs.

Easy Calorie-Tracking

Scan the barcode found on the packaging on MyFitnessPal for easy tracking.


All of our packaging is FSC-certified & sustainable as we care about Mother Earth.

Free Delivery

We deliver across the UAE right to your doorstep, 3 times a week to ensure optimum freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown

We provide the nutritional breakdown of the calories, carbs, protein & fats on the label.

You Do You

Let us prep & deliver your meals so you have more time to enjoy doing things you love more.

Launching this April 18, 2022